so you say you can’t.

so you say you can’t.

and why is that?

is it because you don’t feel well? your head hurts, your stomach churns, and you simply don’t want to face life?

or is it because you feel defeated? like a weak, young soldier on the battlefield who’s been slain, you are broken. never able to get back up. it’s as if the enemy is standing over you, beating you mercilessly and eternally.

maybe it’s because you can never do anything right in anyone’s eyes. nobody seems to see anything good in you. you’re constantly the ugly duckling, thrust away and shunned as if nobody cared. you’re weird, you’re wrong, and you’re messed up. nothing can fix that.

or maybe it’s because it was actually alright from the start, but then something happened. you were okay, they were okay, everything was okay. nothing could stop your joy, nothing could stop your love. and yet something did.

it might be because all it took was that one person. that one mind. that one thought. that one sentence.

and maybe it’s because in that one moment everything went downhill and never stopped.

they never stopped.

maybe it’s because after that, you fell apart and now you can’t do anything worthwhile. at least not to them. it’s all a big, hairy, dirty mess, and nothing’s worth standing up for anymore.

and now you just c a n ‘ t.

so you say you can’t.

but wait a moment, back up a few steps.

since when?

since when did you let others control who you were, what you thought, what you wore, or how you acted? since when did the way the world did things was the only way you could do things? the beating, the words, the awfulness of it all, since when did what that do to you turn you into who you are now? when did others see into your mind and soul and instantly know what you needed most in life?

oh, wait. they can’t.

need to hear it again?

they can’t.

they can’t control your actions. they can’t control your thoughts. they can’t control your appearance. they can’t control you.

you, my dear friend, are your own person. you have a mind that decides for itself, a soul that has its own morals, and a body that moves how it likes. not one person, not a single person in this entire universe can do that for you.

nobody else can look at you and know your innermost thoughts. nobody can realize your deepest needs. nobody can figure out your most secret desires. it doesn’t matter they think, what they do, or what they say about you. because they aren’t you.

so you say you can’t.

there’s no reason to say that anymore, dear.

you aren’t a weak soldier. no, you’re a mighty warrior. you are the one who walks past all the ignorant of the enemy. they may tear you down, break you apart, and burn you to a sizzle. but you will rise from the ashes more beautiful, more knowledgeable, and more powerful than ever before.

because you are the one who doesn’t care what other people think of you.

you are the one who shapes your own life.

you are you.

so say you can.

“you is kind. you is smart. you is important.” – aibileen clark, the help


artists feel everything

It’s okay to feel sad. 

Feelings are complicated things. We all have them, whether we’d like to admit it or not. But take a step back to think about it. Joy, fear, pain, hope, love, the list goes on.

Some days, it can be really good to just feel. It’s okay to be happy and joyful without fearing disappointment, and it’s okay to feel the satisfaction of crying and letting out all your pain. It’s okay, and it can impact your art.

I’m going to take a guess and say that most, if not all, the readers of this blog like some kind of art form, whether it be writing, music, dance, drawing, etc. Just for a minute, close your eyes and think about your art.You’ve probably heard the advice to make people feel something through art, but it can be easy to forget that we have to feel it first. How can we make others feel an emotion we haven’t felt ourselves?

Take music. As you practice songs, remember how the lyrics make you feel. As you compose your own pieces, remember not just to compile together what sounds nice, but to tell a story. As you write lyrics, remember that emotional honesty makes a song stand out.

It hasn’t been until the past couple days that I’ve really taken this to heart. Go feel something. Don’t be an emotionless robot, no matter what anyone else thinks. Use your emotion to fuel your passion.

I dare you.