Young and dreaming. that’s what we are.

We’re four girls with a love for words and for Jesus. We are the ones who won’t stop when the world tells us we can’t change it. We don’t quit. we keep on climbing, and we keep on sharing our journeys.

Here on the young and dreaming, our goal is simple: to present high-quality content that consists of encouragement, inspiration, prose and poetry, and musings. If you’re looking for a blog that you can trust and that really believes in quality over quantity, you’ve found the right place. We try our best to post content that will encourage you and help you out, whether your issue is writer’s block, self-esteem, or trying to figure out what flavor of ice cream to buy.

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Just as the young and dreaming is a blog where you can come for food for thought and encouragement, it’s a place where we can agree to disagree. Our goal is to inspire and encourage, not argue and divide. We will never tolerate accusing, promotion of violence, stereotyping, and/or hate speech. It’s very much possible to politely disagree on a subject. 🙂

All of our posters are Christian, but that does not mean that we’re trying to exclude anyone in any way. We love all of you guys, and we hope that everyone can equally enjoy this blog. You certainly don’t have to be Christian to follow — we welcome and love each and every one of you!

Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest posts can occur up to once each month! We love hearing the voices of our readers here at The Young and Dreaming. If you have an inspirational, encouraging, or thought-filled post that you think can benefit others, we’d love to hear it! Here’s what we request from you:

  • We’d like you to be a writer. Now, that doesn’t mean being a full-on novelist. It means that you need to know how to craft words with skill and portray a message with clarity.
  • You need to have an existing blog. This is to ensure that you’re already acquainted with blogging etiquette, and it also helps us get a feel for your writing style and the quality of your content.
  • You must have good spelling. This is obviously a must — lacking basic spelling and grammar hinders the flow of your words, and it’s extremely important for providing the most professional content we can.
  • You must be a teenager. The young and dreaming provides content for and by young, inspired, determined people. This helps us to connect on a personal level with our readers, and we’d like you to fit this criteria.
  • Most importantly, you need to have a relationship with Christ.

If you’re a teenager with a high quality blog, submit your guest post request via the “connect” page! Here’s what we need to know:

  • Your email address. This is private; no one else will see this, and it will not be shared by our contributors. However, it is necessary so we can contact you if your post is selected for the month.
  • Your blog address. As stated above, this is needed so we can check out your writing style and personality to see if you’d be a good fit for the Y&D. Make sure you provide thoughtful, error-free content!
  • What you would like to post — whether it’s a poem, your thoughts on a certain subject, helping others realize how they can use their gifts for Christ. You should also tell us why and how your post will benefit others.  If it’s God-honoring, high-level content, we’ll get in touch with you to schedule your post.
  • An extremely brief bio of one hundred word or less. Tell us about yourself in a few words. This will be included at the end of your post, and it helps us get to know you better!

Interested? Submit a guest post request here!