mistakes prove your strength

​Have you ever made a mistake before? Have you botched something up, and just let it really bug you? The embarrassment, the guilt, the complete nervous wreck that pretty much sums up the whole situation can’t stop eating away at your brain. You toss and turn at night, constantly going over the scenario, and how much better it’d all be if only you hadn’t messed up that one, itty bitty detail.

And let’s not even talk about who saw you do it. They’re probably thinking it about right now, just like you, letting that simple error taint their entire view of how you are as a person. You’re a clumsy individual and nobody’s going to see you the same way again!

Okay, hold up.

Let’s right there and drop a nice, fat truth bomb: we all make mistakes.

Wait, what?


Are you sure?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Each one of us is human, each one of us is imperfect, and each one of us messes up at some point every day. Mistakes are impossible to avoid. Of course, there are ways you can increase the chances to prevent them, but there will always be that slim margin for error that will always be there. As a fallen human of this world, you will stumble, you will blunder, and you will fall. You just have to accept that.

And so it doesn’t matter nearly as much by how many errors occur, or how skilled you are at preventing them. No, what truly matters is how you react those errors.

How you will your attitude appear to those who know you’ve done something wrong? Will people see you scuffing your feet, head in the gutter, mind wallowing in self pity and blaming some outside force? Or will they see you fess up, apologize, and learn from your failure?

Because here’s the thing. When you watch someone else mess up, do you hold that against them for as long as you both live? Of course not, and that’s the case for almost everyone you will come across. Mistakes are usually always forgotten minutes after their made, unless you react poorly. In fact, the better your attitude towards your own failures, the stronger and more mature people will see you as an individual.

Errors are completely healthy, to a certain extent, because errors are how you learn. You’ve done something wrong, but now you’ll know to never do it again. If you choose to look on the bright side and see your failures as a learning experience, there is limitless potential for you, friend.

Mistakes don’t show your weakness, they prove your strength.

– suzy –


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